Monday, May 31, 2010

Hex to ASCII and ASCII to Hex in JAVA

"HEX to ASCII Conversion in JAVA":

public static String hexToASCII(String hex){       
          if(hex.length()%2 != 0){
             System.err.println("requires EVEN number of chars");

             return null;
          StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();               
          //Convert Hex 0232343536AB into two characters stream.
          for( int i=0; i (LessThan) hex.length()-1; i+=2 ){

                * Grab the hex in pairs

              String output = hex.substring(i, (i + 2));

               * Convert Hex to Decimal

              int decimal = Integer.parseInt(output, 16);                 
          return sb.toString();

"ASCII to Hex Conversion In JAVA" :

public static String asciiToHex(String ascii){
        StringBuilder hex = new StringBuilder();
        for (int i=0; i < ascii.length(); i++) {
        return hex.toString();


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Sujit said...

Thank you very much..You helped a lot..!!!

Sujit said...

Thank you very much..You helped a lot..!!!

Sham said...

how can i print the hex values in some format like this
ascii value
converted hex value
format to be printed
how can i do this?any help?

Sham said...
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