Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learning Java with Real life Example


I am a very frequent user to www.javaranch.com , and I like to help, and like to seek help from my fellow participant there. Most of time while replying to any post, which I able to solve, I feel that coding is hardly an issue, the issue is concept?
I have a belief that any programing concept can be learn with reference to our real life and the language we speak. Although with the introduction of Java 5, Learning java is somehow up to some extent has been replaced by Burning Java in your mind, but I still believe that we can apply "Power Of Visualization".

I always follow certain guidelines while making any software solution, Until now I have not faced any problem so I can safely assume that at least it works up to some extent-
> Decouple : Always divide the whole problem into different module. For example :- If I have to find factorial of a number. The I will probably divide into 4 module - Check    the validity of number, compute the factorial of the number, display the result, and a module while will give call to other three modules in sequence.
> Clean Coding : I try my best so that none of my Java class has more than 150-200 lines. I also try to put comment everywhere i code a complex logic.
> Focus and target : I draw modular diagram on a piece of paper and set up small-small targets and deadline. I tried to stick to time line.
> Precision : A coder has to be 100% precise. There shouldn't be any scope of error.
> Back up : Whenever I write any utility class or any code which i think that it may be useful in future, I keep it in a separate folder. After 4 years of coding experience I have a lot of thing already coded in my box. This saves my time to recode of what I have already coded.
> Understanding of Business : One must understand what business is behind the software.

Lets come back to Java.Here through this blog I will try to apply power of Visualization on Java.I will try to link every possible concept of Java with some real event, and explain the same.


Anonymous said...

thats sounds so great..!!

Kamal Shah said...

Hey ur blog is great MAN!!!

Let me appriciate ...U have given new direction to my programing career...

Anonymous said...

hi, sunnny.
i understand wat u say abt visualisation, i try to imply it anything i learn, but am little weak in maths, so as in java , how to compare & visulalise as real life objects, im preparing 4 my SCJP-6 certification from chennai, plz help me ya 2 score high %.
thanks in advance,
take care,
good bye.

Unknown said...

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