Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Need any help ??

Hi Guys,

If any one need any help about SCJP? Please drop your email address and request type as a comment..!!
Request can be any thing like for book or some notes..exam..mock simulators etc..


Anonymous said...

HI sunny

First of all congrats for clearing the SCJP certification.I have finished the SCJP K & B book but i dont have any simulators for practising the same.Can you please send me the all the simulators which you have to umadasravindran@yahoo.co.in or from net where i can download the same.

Thanks once again


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

Congrats,i have seen your post in java ranch.

I have sent a mail to ur email i_look_like_sunny@hotmail.com.please check the same and reply me.

Also will be thankful if can help me in sending those simulators to sudeervc@gmail.com

Krishna said...
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Anonymous said...

hey sunny,
congrats now ur a SCJP..
buddy i m a final yr b.tech (CSE)..i hav gone through basics of java and made some website projects in java & jsp..still i m confuse with scjp which one shud i go for 1.5 or 1.6 ??

can u tell d cost in india ?
also if possible for u please send me good material for study..sply tht K&B book
mail id : "mandora.kamal@gmail.com"
hav a nice day


johnystorm said...

Hi Sunny
Many congrats 4 ur certification
I couldn't understand var-args topic explained in 1st chapter of K & B book.Can u help me plzzz?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
Congrats again on being Sun certified. I am Uttara Rishi.I read in your post that you read thread concepts from someplace.I am weak in Threads and collections . Can you please send me the link. I would really appreciate that.My mail-id : sham1502@yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance.Have a nice day.

Uttara Rishi.

sankethm said...

hi, i am sanket. i am preparing for the scjp 5. i am planning for the exam in march end. i have read Head first java 5 thoroughly. but on some java community it is said that book from K & B must be read before taking the exam. can u please give me the link to download the latest version of this book?
my email: sam_74sanket@yahoo.co.in

Kshitija said...
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Kshitija said...

Could you please send me any exam simulator for SCJP 5.0 please

Kshitija said...

My id: rajeshirke@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

please details and notes about scjp
i am preparing for it
my id:marun_mahadevu@yahoo.co.in

Unknown said...

I wanted to clear the SCJP certification exam.Which is the best book for that? Do SCJP certified persons been given more importance in companies?

Anonymous said...


congrats for being scjp!! can you furnish some info regarding the cost of it in india, and if i know the basics of java, how much time should i need to study? can you send some simulators? my e-mail id is tejaswini.subrahmanya@gmail.com
which edition of K&B did u go through? was it 2008? is it sufficient? well, i have downloaded it from the net. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I am going to write SCJP1.6 in feb2012. Can you please suggest me which book is better to study. I have seen the comments here about K & B book ,Can you please send the download link or any reference for that.
Mail id: venna.eswar2010@gmail.com


Unknown said...

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