Sunday, January 2, 2011

Part 3 of 6: Setting up CLASSPATH for RS232 Jar

Click Here -PART 4 OF 6
Step 1:Please download Rxtxcomm.jar from this location-

Download RxTx Jar

There will be 3 files-

1) RXTXcomm.jar : Please keep this jar in your classpath.
2) rxtxParallel.dll : Please copy this path also in your classpath or else one can copy this file in
{java install directory}/bin/ directory.

for example- on my system- these files are at this location -
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin
some of other files available in this folder are - java.exe, rmid.exe etc.
3) rxtxSerial.dll - Same as rxtxParallel.dll.

Step 2 – Please download the RS232java1.0.0.jar and java docs from this location
Download RS232Java-1.0.0.jar

Please copy this file in your classpath.


Click Here -PART 4 OF 6


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