Saturday, October 8, 2011

Part 2: Apache Velocity - Setting up the classpath

In this article we will learn to set up the class path for Apache velocity. This will help us to understand the code example in the upcoming articles. Basically Apache velocity comes into various flavors but we will cover only velocity engine. Only 2 external jars are required to set up the required class path. These jars are 
1) velocity-1.6.2.jar
2) velocity-1.6.2-dep.jar

You can download the latest jar from this location-
http: //

Setting up the class path   

(Assuming that one is setting class path in Eclipse)
Step 1:
  • Make a new folder name "classpath" under your project node.
  • Copy the jars in the folder.

Step 2:
  • Add the jar files in your class path.

That's all. We are ready to experience some coding example.