Thursday, June 24, 2010

XML to HashMap in JAVA

Hi Guys,

This program will convert any XML document to a HashMap in Java.
Download - Please download it from here-

1) Program 1:
This is the main java program. It has public static void main method.
2) Program 2:
This is the program which will actually do the conversion.
3) Prgram 3:
This is just a small util which will convert String to InputStream.

How to use?
1) Please unzip the zip file.
2) Copy all the 3 files in same folder
3) Run

The program will run on Java 1.5 and higher.


Suchita said...

I tried this program. It doesnt convert the simple type xml to hash map.

capsulesforthejavamind said...


Do try the Conversion Conduit component

Unknown said...

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