Monday, December 6, 2010

Part 1 of 6: RS232 Communication Using JAVA

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If you are not sure about –

Ø What is the difference between DCE and DTE?
Ø What is the significance of RTS, DTS, CS, ACK, NACK, STX, ETX etc in Serial Communication?
Ø Whether to implement event based or time based communication?
Ø Whether to transmit data in Hex, ASCII or Hex dumps?
Ø Which combination of Baud rate, data bits, parity bit, hardware flow, and stop bit one should use?
> If you don’t know that native JAVA doesn’t have unsigned bytes and serial communication is less error prone if you transmit data in unsigned bytes.
If you are looking for a very simple solution to implement the complex flow of serial communication?
Ø If you are looking for a JAVA based solution of serial communication?
If answers to most of questions are YES, then you are at right page. Here we will go through a small tutorial to make you master of serial communication in JAVA.
Ø This tutorial assumes that you have eclipse install on your system.
Ø You have basic knowledge of JAVA.